Biocup Art Series with Project OKYO

"A giant, bountiful peacekeeper of balance. Constantly surrounded by 3 feisty, ninja fighting fish that protect him from harm. He poops magical nutrients that give life to phytoplankton that in turn, draw carbon from our air, helping us breathe happier."

I was honoured to take part and display one of my all time favourite illustrations, 'Candy Crush Whale' in the BioCup Art series, curated by Kate Armstrong from Project OKYO. The BioCup Art series support artists from all over Australia and New Zealand by featuring their work on their range of paper coffee cups. Biopak take pride in overlooking the entire production life of their products to ensure minimal environmental impact  - Not only brightening days with a dose of funky art but also encouraging everyone to support sustainable design and consume eco consciously. Read in detail, via the Biopak website here

Photo edit: Lala Wijesekera, Biopak