Brick it Up Collaborative Exhibition

Curated by Kayapa Creative Studio late 2016, ‘Brick it Up’ is an exhibition instalment showcasing the work of 8 Sydney street artists: Apeseven, Nico, Thomas Jackson, Georgia Hill, Styna, Phibs, M-lon and Kentaro Yoshida. ‘Brick it Up’ is a showcase of the varying backgrounds and disciplines that come together to celebrate the beauty of street art and muralism. ‘Bringing street art to the blank canvas of the Northern Beaches’

One of my favourite pieces to date, with many thanks to the family at Kayapa Creative for their hard work, humour and hospitality.

Supporters & Sponsors: The Burdekin Association, Northern Beaches Council, Girdlers, Nomad Brewing Co., Shuffle Media, Two Story Tellers and Kayapa Creative Studios

Photography & Video Documentation by: Gabriela Villalba and Alejandra Muñoz Arocha