LA PORTE PEINTE art in residency

A small window of images I captured on my artist in residency at La Porte Peinte International Arts Centre in June 2016. About 2 hours train ride from Paris to Tonnerre, and then a 45 minute car ride to Noyers - all illustrations are directly inspired by the time, place and feelings of nostalgia in such a magical, medieval village. 

With a population of about 750 people, it takes 15 minutes to walk from one side of the village to the other. 

(L'hirondelle de fenêtre - the Common House Martin)

"It is not very often that I find myself unable to absorb things around me, but being in Noyers-Sur Serein is hard to say. I have never seen anything like it - it's an internal kind of magic, a place you want to keep secret, a place one does not forget."