Wavetrain Cinema Murals

Toward the end of 2015, I was commissioned by Wavetrain Cinema to design and paint a series of themed murals to fit the lift of their new head office and home space in Oyster Bay. The brief for the first level was to paint a kookaburra with the script 'Wattleweedotoo' which was created as a remembrance piece.


The second level shows my 'film noir' inspired mural situated opposite to the company cinema and showroom. This brief was to create a piece that informed and represented 'Cinema'. I explored various movements into the history of film, concluding with three takes: a Film Noir, Art Deco and Contemporary Quirky Hipster theme. Using lots of blocked out areas of black, I wanted to capture the essence of film noir and essentially create a piece that not only informed but celebrated how far we have come in the history of cinema. 

The sound and recording studio was situated in the bottom level of the house, the brief for this level was to create a design of a tree with music notes falling from the leaves that would transform into manuscript. The work shows my reimagining of a cherry blossom tree, I wanted to create a piece that symbolised a moment when both dynamics of art and music intertwine, magic is created...